4 Button Compliance Card

Dosage Intervals: QD, BID, TID & QID4-button_big

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The 4 Button Compliance Card is preprogrammed to provide 4 separate 24 hour alerts for multiple medication. Each alert is started with a simple click on each button.

The 4 Button Compliance Card can be used as a marketing/medication management tool for product launch, co-pay cards, medication starter kits, and physician detailing.


Size: 74.5 x 31 x 7 mm

Alarms: Audio

Battery Life: 1 year or longer

Available Colors: All PMS Colors

Custom Design: Numeric ID, Bar Code, Hologram, USB, NFC, Voice Recorder



A Button for each Alert during the Day

Button 1 - Morning Alert Button 2 - Afternoon Alert Button 3 - Evening Alert Button 4 - Bedtime Alert
 4-button_button1  4-button_button2  4-button_button3  4-button_button4

Simply press and hold button to start 24 hour alarm – at alarm press it again to stop alarm and reset 24 h alarm.

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